The mission of the Warren VT Energy Committee is:

To help the Town of Warren, its residents and businesses to save money and energy through conservation and transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources

To communicate and collaborate with other energy committees and groups, fostering broader attainment of local and State energy-related goals

To work with other committees and groups to help build Community resilience to meet the challenges of climate change

Long Term Goals:

1.  Reduce usage and costs of all energy used by town owned properties

2.  Help residents and businesses, through group and individual initiatives, to reduce their energy costs and carbon footprint

3.  Coordinate efforts with Valley-wide, State or Federal programs where appropriate, keeping the Municipality, residents and businesses informed of evolving energy policies and initiatives

4.  Develop effective communications to facilitate education and/or training to increase citizen awareness and desire to participate in energy saving programs

5. Explore and promote community renewable energy projects, such as solar farms, bio-mass heating initiatives, GMP Plug’N Go Program, etc.

6. Gather and maintain data to track and report progress

Current Activities:

1.  Identify a dedicated core group of committee members and  develop an enthusiastic volunteer base

2.  Begin promotion of the 2013 Vermont Home Energy Challenge, using materials and training provided by Efficiency Vermont and VECAN

3.  With Barry Simpson, update and expand the data base of Municipal energy use for heating and electricity

4.  Develop and maintain an internet presence, hosted on or linked to the town’s web site.This may include a web site and social media (Facebook, Twitter, Front Porch Forum)